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Why You Need A Website

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages to find a business service that you needed?

Its probably been a long while.

When was the last time you looked online for a business service you needed?

There is a good chance you searched out a business online this very day.

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We Can Help

Your website is custom made, we do not purchase 3rd party templates or cookie cutter sites and then force your content into it.
Your Old Crow Development website is uniquely made for you and your business.

All Old Crow Development websites are built using WordPress the most powerful, flexible, and popular CMS (Content Management System) available.
Approximately 27% of all websites on the internet are now built on and powered by WordPress.

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Mobile Responsive

User Friendly

Solidly Coded

The Process - What You Can Expect

7 Questions For You

Below are 7 questions that we will ask you when we begin working with you on your project.

Believe it or not, content IS the most important part of a website.
Appearance, while very important is secondary to content.

With that in mind -
1) do you already have your content/copy ready?

  • Yes
  • No
  • A work in progress

2) Please share two or three websites in your niche area that you like,
and what it is you like about them?

3) Please share two or three sites in your niche area that you dislike,
and why it is you dislike them.

4) Are there features you believe your website will absolutely need.

5) What are those features?

6) Do you have an idea of how many pages your website will require?

7) Do you already have a webhost?


A wireframe  is the “blueprint” of your website.

The wireframe represents the skeletal framework of your website and serves the purpose of determining the best placement of the various parts of your website.

During this process we will be in contact with you frequently.

Site Creation

At this point we begin to add visual elements, colors and images, set the site wide font, and begin to add any written content.

Logos, images and all written content must be provided by the customer.
We can provide a limited amount of royalty free images for your website.
Any thing beyond that will require a graphic designer, or the purchasing of royalty free stock images, which are generally very affordable.

While no one knows your business as well as you do, if you would prefer we can connect you with a creative writer who can certainly help you nail down your message.

The creation process requires close communication with you, the client.

Site Launch!

From beginning to completion, site creation can take several weeks depending upon the size of the website and the complexity of the site.

Once completed, its time to launch your site and make it public!

Old Crow Development does not offer hosting.
We do however have a handful of hosts who we do recommend highly.

One host we do not recommend is the well known GoDaddy hosting service.
We won't talk them down here on this website, but our experience and the experience of many of our peers causes Old Crow Development and many of our competitors to avoid this particular hosting service.

That said, if GoDaddy is your preferred host, then GoDaddy it is! 

Thirty Days

For the first 30 days after your site launches, we will provide you free site maintenance and backup.

After 30 days has passed, you may retain us for an additional reoccurring monthly fee.

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